Six archetypal characters inhabit a sci-fi world on the brink of destruction. What will they do? Who will they be?

The world of "Who Are You, In The End?" is a dying planet that serves as the imperial core for a vast civilization. 

Using Photoshop, I'm creating surreal collaged images to give players a more visual play experience. 

Realism isn't my goal, even a little bit. I hope to use the advantages of collage to create incongruous architecture, technology, and street scenery for this city.

This is a world with both space travel and ritual sacrifices; surveillance technology more insidious than our own and a mystic minority religion that threatens the government. My hope is for the visuals to match.

pasted image 0.png

There will be a few key locations in the capital city that most characters visit. They are named simply, archetypically: The Square, The Temple, The Shipyards.


Scenes in these places will start with a detailed "prospect" image (left), with less detailed setting images used for the main scene so as not to overwhelm the text. 


The scenery will even change according to circumstances. Over multiple playthroughs, a player will begin to realize that the characters' stories are set in time periods centuries apart from each other.

The quiz results will feature iconography tailored to each character, and further tailored to their choice of route.

The image on the right is a rough draft of a banner for the Princexx (a nonbinary prince/ princess), with its weathered state having to do with the coup that takes place in some versions of their story.