BuySeasons, Inc.
Costume Descriptions

I write product descriptions for the e-commerce company BuySeasons, Inc., providing them with engaging blurbs about different Halloween costumes, accessories, and party decorations. I also use keywords to target each description for optimum SEO performance!

Daily Horoscopes

Astrology is a guilty pleasure of mine, so I loved working with Daily Horoscopes to create daily and weekly horoscopes for all twelve zodiac signs. Daily Horoscopes is one of the top astrology apps in the Android store, and a fun one to work at, too!

Fleetwit Questions

At Fleetwit, I get to turn my expansive knowledge of literature and pop culture into questions for the company's app! Not only have I created hundreds upon hundreds of original questions for Fleetwit, I have also copy-edited questions from the company's database for best practices, style, and difficulty.

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