Six archetypal characters inhabit a sci-fi world on the brink of destruction. What will they do? Who will they be?

"Who Are You In The End?" is a counter-intuitive text adventure that lets players make critical character choices--just not the ones they might expect.

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Instead of choosing what to do in the present, players make choices about their character's past. This informs how they experience the story, sometimes in ways that are clear...

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And sometimes in ways that are more opaque.

Player: "Communication."

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The goal is to take the idea of a character-driven story to its logical extreme, while providing the player with a cross between a text adventure and a personality quiz.

The six archetypes each have three possible routes, but this is no Undertale. Stories need twists and turns!

Characters can veer wildly from route to route at any choice they are presented with, with the (history:) function of Twine being used to construct quiz results out of their paths through the story.

The result will be much, much more for the player to explore.

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