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I entered the world of UX through projects at my current job, and immediately sought out opportunities on the side to learn more. Moonlighting at the Seguro Project lets me practice UX writing and design, and use those skills for a good cause. In this case, my designs will help survivors of domestic violence find resources and guidance they need to get somewhere safe.

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One thing that excited me about the Seguro Project was the opportunity to start a project from scratch, rather than using UX principles to improve aspects of Lavari's website (which you'll see below too!)

I was given a set of user research that had already been performed, and used some research of my own to add to what we knew about our users. This produced personas that helped us identify major design problems for our chatbot to solve.


I'm currently using information architecture and navigation design to help DV survivors find what they need, whether they're in an emergency or if they just need a supportive talk that helps them make sense of their experiences.

Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 11.05.59 PM.pn

One thing we found is that many women seek out resources having to do with the consequences of domestic violence situations, but many are not fully aware of their status as domestic violence sufferers.

One thing the chatbot would have to do is help a woman like Annabelle (above) slowly understand that she cannot fix her relationship if she is in a domestic abuse situation. That kind of conversation takes time and empathy.

However, women like Annabelle might come to our chatbot seeking to get out of danger, find shelter for a night, or something equally urgent. They'll need to find what they need fast, especially if they don't want to be seen using the app.

Finally, we reviewed some sobering statistics on traumatic brain injury (TBI) in DV survivors. A woman suffering from a concussion, or who may have cognitive differences from TBI in the past, needs a clear, simple interface without a lot of overstimulating detail.

I came up with a few basic principles for the design that have informed the bot so far.

Right away, those with urgent needs are given a chance to be taken straight to the emergency hotline, or any other resource that will help them.

Those who have non-urgent needs are given gentle questions that direct them to information on the practical topic they came for. 


Along the way, the bot gives users opportunities to read more about DV so they can choose to take more control over their situations.

After demo-ing our bot, we're now proud to be partnering with Microsoft! We are currently in testing phases with organizations all over the country who want to use our bot to get women the help they need.

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 3.14.14 PM.png

You may be wondering how I started moonlighting for Seguro. Well, it started as part of my content strategy job at Lavari Jewelers!


I've always had an interest in interactive content, so I put together a recommendation quiz for the front page of our website. One design problem we had was a lot of browsing that we wanted to convert into buying, and I thought this could be a fun way to promote that!


The quiz lives in a blog post now that our summer collection has dropped, but it brought new traffic to the high-selling items that it directed people to! Looks like all they needed was a nudge ;)

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 11.52.16 AM.pn

I'd had this idea since I came on, so I was excited to execute it recently!

You can find this quiz in its natural habitat, embedded in our home page.

Making the quiz really got me thinking about how to help customers find what they're looking for, when they don't know what they're looking for. The best part of shopping is the journey, after all! 

I've also been in charge of our chatbot, building out copy for basic features in a friendly and functional way. I made a flow that gives customers recommendations based on the general vibe of what they're looking for, like gold jewelry or necklaces!


It was fun to explore chatbots further, so check this space for more additions to our bot!

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 11.56.31 AM.pn

The chatbot gets the customer's attention, and lets them opt into the flow.

Using cognitive science to help DV survivors and analyzing behavioral data from our website to help customers find what they're looking for are pretty different tasks, but the data-driven design element interests me with both! 

For one last sample, check out a rewrite I did of Chess.com's UX microcopy. It's one more look into my process for research, design strategy, and execution!


At the end of the day, I'm excited for new UX opportunities, and hope to find a place where I can keep helping people with empathetic design.

My background in film and theater also makes me eager to try physical experience design, and experiment with how that can intersect with interactive technology.

All in all, I would love to find a role where I create powerful experience design to push boundaries, hopefully in a way that fills an urgent need in users.

If you'd like to work together, use the contact form linked below! Or you can click around some more ;)