I use authentic words
for research-based results
in digital storytelling.

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I'm an artist who loves tech,

looking for work where I use both to create and explore.

As content strategist at
Lavari Jewelers, I create 

crisp, fun copy that converts.

  • When I started at Lavari, my first job was to develop a new brand voice from scratch! After making a style guide for myself and the team, we started building out the copy. Then COVID hit.

  • I strategized our content and SEO to recover sales losses by the end of 2020 Q2, with Q3 reaching all-time highs. And I'm still working toward bigger results--in January 2021, the brand outperformed all of Q1 from 2020 in both web engagement and revenue.

  • I've improved the UX/UI of our site by creating interactive content to help people discover more of the brand. For the front page I made a personality quiz and a chatbot that gives customers product recommendations.

  • I also built a purchase flow that directs people to more content after they buy. 

See more about Lavari here. 

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I've been publishing short stories since 2017, and there are some snippets here just for you!


At NYU, I made a thesis film that went to 23 festivals and won 6 awards. You can see some of the laurels below ;)

youngfilmmakers laurels 2017_edited.png
Best Short Film - LA Shorts Awards - 201


This year I was thrilled to be invited onto the dev team for After The Fall, the sequel to indie favorite Night In The Woods.  Updates soon!

I've also been developing a Twine game of my own, a sci-fi choose your own adventure in the form of a personality quiz. Check out what I have so far:


"Giorgi provides stellar work, which is consistently bold, clever and colorful, and she's genuinely dedicated and excited by her work." -- Corrinne Smith, former content director at Buyseasons, Inc.

"Giorgi consistently writes our website's most popular content, and her distinct voice and humor draws readers in. She's constantly coming up with fresh and engaging projects that she sees through to the end, while comfortably meeting deadlines." -- Hannah Varacalli, former editor in chief of Queerly

"Giorgi has proven herself an efficient and reliable resource, consistently able to produce quality work on every occasion I’ve asked her to create copy." -- Tom Pokorney, solutions consultant at Narrative Science

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