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Giorgi Plys-Garzotto

Content Strategy for UX Design


Welcome to my portfolio!

You can find my resume here, and scroll through my work samples below.

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Work Samples

Instagram​ - Lightweight Negative Feedback

To recover lost ad signals, Instagram overhauled their negative feedback flow to encourage more user participation. I streamlined the content, clarified key points, and created a more upbeat tone to motivate users to continue through the flow. The result was significantly increased ad feedback!

Instagram​ - Content Guide

Nebulous terms like “layout” and “format” were becoming pain points in the design process due to ambiguity of use. I embarked on a two-month project to get context on the state of terminology usage at IG and Meta, ultimately getting buy-in on a new content guide to socialize with design teams and beyond.

Groupon - ROI Dashboard

Groupon merchants (restaurants, gyms, etc.) can view statistics related to their ROI in a centralized dashboard. When this page was up for a redesign, I simplified key terms and added pop-up info screens to help make a set of decontextualized data metrics into a tool for gaining usable insights about one's business.

Groupon - Process Fixes for Merchant Advisor

There's a collection of recommendations shown to Groupon merchants (restaurants, gyms, etc.) based on their account's feedback from customers. It used to be kept only in a Figma document, which made it difficult to sort them according to how urgent the suggestion was, what contexts it would be shown in, etc. I created a spreadsheet to make it easier for content strategists and PMs to collaborate with designers, affording the benefits of column/ row organization that Figma lacks. - Personal project

I did this one on my own! My family has been playing a lot of chess during the pandemic, and I happened to notice a lot of UX improvements that could be made to the app. I did a little rewrite of their copy, though as I note in the PDF there's some visual design flaws that should probably be addressed as well.



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