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Work Samples

Seguro Project​ - Conversation Design

I created a chatbot to help people in situations of domestic violence access resources. I used neurology research and the company's user interviews to tailor the bot to DV survivors. When it was ready, I presented a demo of the bot to a team at Microsoft, securing a partnership between Microsoft and the Seguro Project.

Meta - Browser Tab Title Audit

The browser tab titles for Meta’s ads and business products cause confusion for users who
are reliant on screen readers, who have multiple tabs open, and who use Meta products in
languages other than English. 
As part of the Seamless Foundations initiative, I have undertaken an audit of the current tab titles and are conducting research as possible about more effective taxonomies Meta
could implement in the future.

Instagram​ - Lightweight Negative Feedback

To recover lost ad signals, Instagram overhauled their negative feedback flow to encourage more user participation. I streamlined the content, clarified key points, and created a more upbeat tone to motivate users to continue through the flow. The result was significantly increased ad feedback!

Instagram​ - Content Guide

Nebulous terms like “layout” and “format” were becoming pain points in the design process due to ambiguity of use. I embarked on a two-month project to get context on the state of terminology usage at IG and Meta, ultimately getting buy-in on a new content guide to socialize with design teams and beyond.

Groupon - ROI Dashboard

Groupon merchants (restaurants, gyms, etc.) can view statistics related to their ROI in a centralized dashboard. When this page was up for a redesign, I simplified key terms and added pop-up info screens to help make a set of decontextualized data metrics into a tool for gaining usable insights about one's business.

Groupon - Process Fixes for Merchant Advisor

There's a collection of recommendations shown to Groupon merchants (restaurants, gyms, etc.) based on their account's feedback from customers. It used to be kept only in a Figma document, which made it difficult to sort them according to how urgent the suggestion was, what contexts it would be shown in, etc. I created a spreadsheet to make it easier for content strategists and PMs to collaborate with designers, affording the benefits of column/ row organization that Figma lacks. - Personal project

I did this one on my own! My family has been playing a lot of chess during the pandemic, and I happened to notice a lot of UX improvements that could be made to the app. I did a little rewrite of their copy, though as I note in the PDF there's some visual design flaws that should probably be addressed as well.



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